About Me

It was a witching Halloween!

Hello World,

My name is Kisha and I am the owner and lead designer at DK Florals. I started this company over 13 years ago with nothing more than an idea and absolutely NO money. Since then my business has grown tremendously but it did take some creativity. In my less creative life I have over 15 years of experience in information technology specializing in Networking and Desktop Management. I do also still love to craft anything and everything in my spare time.

This blog came about from many years of searching and searching for tips to grow my business. From creating a web site to finding flexible vendors, I have done it all. I Know that my company will be a fortune 500 company some day. So I want to share that adventure with the entire world. Hopefully I can share my ideas and success to help the next craft entrepreneur find their voice. We all craft things that we love and it’s just a perk that we can make money too, but running a business is also an art to be studied and perfected. I look forward to sharing our stories and building better stronger craft business community.

Thanks for visiting,
Kisha Crooks
Owner\Senior Designer


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