It’s easy to get lost spending hours pinning everything beautiful that comes across your screen. For a small business, its important that you put just some thought into creating a strategy that works for you. Results from social media are not always quick but with consistency it can pay over time. Pinterest has quickly proved to be invaluable for small businesses. Having really established themselves as an emerging leader in the new social marketing genre. People naturally gravitate towards what they can see. We are a visual people and we most certainly shop that way.


Finding a rhythm with Pinterest takes just a little but of work on your part.  This comes without saying but I am going to say it anyway. For every social media account you establish for your company. Take the time to make sure that you complete your full profile. Complete all fields with addresses, store links and verify your website or blog URL’s. Leave no stone unturned. Incomplete information looks unprofessional to the customer.

The vision is simple. Create boards that appeal to your customer with genuine pins. The idea is to create a relationship with followers that have like minds which could create a potential sales and even more followers. My company specializes in a product that appeals to moms and teens, so my boards are geared towards that type of shopper. I have boards for teen fashion and prom. All activities that appeal to my customer.


Think of it this way, most social media platforms assume that we are like minded. We follow people who like items that we like as well. We do that because usually they have a trend of pinning items that in your opinion favor your style or preference. That being the case, it makes sense that as a business your followers will be likely to follow your style. Keep the like minded theory in the for front of your mind here.

That being said there are two common issues I often see with pins on Pinterest by small businesses or anyone for that matter. The first is not the most coming but is the absolute worst. I click this awesome pin to read the article and there is no URL on the Pin. This can outrage a person like myself. The idea that someone took the time to get my attention but not keep it, is a complete turn off as a customer. Make absolute sure that you have added a source to your Pins. Adding a URL is done in the source field when you access the edit menu of a pin.




The next most frustrating but even more common than my first complaint, bad pictures. Pinterest is all about the visual which I am almost sure I have said at least once already. We buy first with our eyes. Our eyes are drawn to clarity, beauty, sparkles, creative text to mention a few. By our, I mean women which is the grand majority of the users on Pinterest. I don’t think we need much of a visual to describe what a bad picture is. Just be sure to take photos with good light and a clear background. Nothing is more unprofessional than your messy bathroom counter in the photo with your product. My counter looks that way too but this is a secret we can keep between the two of us.

Ladies and gents the bottom line is take your time, do the research and use your head. Pinterest is filled with information about everything you can imagine. Take pretty pictures and use keywords to describe them. Verify all of your information, and make your pins genuine to you and your business image. There is nothing more productive or creative than being true to you. That is most rewarding.

Till next time friends,

Kisha Crooks
The Glitter Gazette

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